Peterhead’s town centre businesses on COVID-19 – “We’re ready to welcome you back!”

Peterhead Entrepreneurs – Building the Future.

Peterhead town centre businesses are implementing safety measures aligned to government guidelines. Local customers will find that town centre businesses have been working hard to offer not only safe environments, but new and exciting services, waiting to be explored, which were not available pre-pandemic. Peterhead town centre is ready to welcome you back!

“I know that a lot of businesses that have made changes that are really exciting for their customers. So, whilst everybody’s been at home practising social distance and being safe, there are business owners out there who’ve been making improvements to the premises, adding services they never used to have, so actually coming into the town post-lockdown is going to be quite exciting because it’s a very different town to what it was when we did go into lockdown – for the better.”

– Very Spexy

Symposium Coffee House, 21 Queen Street Peterhead

Ashton’s Beauty Bar, 36 Broad Street, Peterhead

Brew Toon, 72A St Peter Street, Peterhead

Very Spexy, 59 Broad Street, Peterhead


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