Peterhead Entrepreneurs, Building the Future – Symposium Coffee House (1) #inspiringentrepreneurs

Paul from Symposium Coffee House shares the intention and vision behind the brand and business.

The intension and vision behind the brand and business was fundamentally underpinned by the drive to create a business with the potential to expand and employ more people.

“Right before we even started the business, the first shop, it was always in my mind to have a brand, to make sure everything was branded well and for that to be duplicated.”

Paul, Symposium Coffee House

Paul is very clear about the importance of creating a strong brand for his business, and why in the early days he put a focus on getting it right.

He talks about the importance of family, hiring the right people, and customer support. Paul received initial support from local banks but found gaining further support for expansion more challenging. Nonetheless he was able to overcome this and continue to develop the Symposium chain.


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