Peterhead Entrepreneurs, Building the Future – Symposium Coffee House (2) #inspiringentrepreneurs

Success despite health challenges and COVID-19.

3 years ago, Symposium was a successful business, but there was no real move on expansion at that point in time. Funding had been a challenge, but even more significantly in 2018, Paul had a stroke.

Paul explains why having an established business plan, with a strong team backing the Symposium brand meant that the business didn’t suffer during his absence. He believes in the importance of mind-set to overcome obstacles, and how even the downtime from a traumatic event like a stroke can be put to good use.

This adaptability and resilience enabled Symposium to implement new systems within the business in response to COVID-19, allowing the continued generation income throughout the pandemic.

“Looking back without the plan set in place pre-stroke, it would have been a different story.”

Paul, Symposium Coffee House


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