Peterhead Entrepreneurs, Building the Future – Brew Toon #investinpeterhead

Blue Toon to Brew Toon.

Cameron of Peterhead’s Microbrewery, Brew Toon, discusses the inspiration behind choosing Peterhead as the base for their business, and their brand. And the importance of connecting their brand to both people and place.

“Creating that kind of community with Peterhead, they’ve always been really great with us supporting us from day one.”

– Cameron, Brew Toon

The experience of Brew Toon reinforces the importance of building a business in a supportive and encouraging community, like Peterhead. This has created value for the business, particularly during the pandemic.

Cameron shares his experience of accessing support and guidance, as well as securing local funding to enable the start-up.

“We’ve had a lot of support along the way. Initially, Aberdeenshire Council gave us a lot of support, advice from Rediscover Peterhead as well. But there’s loads of organisations that we can tap into, Business gateway, Scottish Enterprise, loads of support out there for us to access.”

– Cameron, Brew Toon


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