Peterhead Entrepreneurs, Building the Future – Brew Toon #inspiringentrepreneurs

Passion can take you a long way in business!

For Brew Toon Microbrewery, established in Peterhead in 2017, it all started with a passion for craft beer.

Having identified an emerging trend in demand for local craft breweries, Brew Toon underwent exploratory market research to setup their own microbrewery. This led them onto discover a site in Peterhead, itself a former brewery.

“We found a great site in Peterhead and found out that actually it used to be a brewery as well, so it made sense to redevelop it and bring that brewing tradition back to Peterhead.”

– Cameron, Brew Toon

Cameron Bowden, of Brew Toon, discusses the value behind having a strong team, sharing knowledge and experience. This helped them cope with the challenges of COVID-19 and enabled the development of exciting future plans.


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