Peterhead Community Campus

The Peterhead Community Campus is in the Council’s Capital Plan for the years 2023- 2028. Aberdeenshire Council has set aside £71m to invest in this project.

The plan is to build a new 1400-capacity secondary school and a new 600-capacity primary. There will be a huge demand for early years facilities, for children aged 3+, which is also being considered in the scope of the project.

The scope of the project also includes ensuring modern, fit-for-purpose leisure and cultural facilities are created for the town. A number of these aspects are likely to be delivered on existing sites, either through the refurbishment of existing facilities or the building of new ones.

This extensive project is a key aspect of the Peterhead Masterplan, which also includes a new care home and the potential for new affordable housing as well as industrial units.

Aberdeenshire councillors supported a preferred site option for the campus in June, agreeing with feedback from the community that Kinmundy should be the home of new facilities.

For a new build on the scale of the Peterhead Campus, the build time will be around two years from the start of construction.

The extensive primary school provision intended for the Kinmundy site could replace Central School, Dales Park and Meethill, as well as Anna Ritchie School.

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