Aberdeenshire Council supports Peterhead town centre.

We want this dynamic community to thrive through enterprise, reinvention and innovation. In this way it will be able to more effectively meet the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors in the 21st century.

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Property Ghost Planning Overview

Lucy Styles (Project Officer, Delivery Team Aberdeenshire Council) gives an overview of the ghost planning undergone on a number of key properties within Peterhead.

3-4 Drummer’s Corner

Narrow Lane

50 Marischal St

44 Broad St

If the above properties are not quite right for your business venture, then why not try these commercial property consultants and estate agents websites for further commercial property options:

The key to the town’s success is creative sustainable growth.

Delivery Team

There is a Council-wide desire to see the  properties detailed brought back into use.  Thoughtful proposals will receive support and advice during the planning process. Initial contact should be made to the delivery team who can help set out a route forward with your project.


In line with the Town Centre First Principle, Aberdeenshire Council have policies in place within the Local Development Plan (LDP) that highlight which Use Classes are suitable in Peterhead town centre.

Developer Obligations

The Council wishes to encourage investment/ redevelopment within Peterhead town centre.  We want to bring these assets back into a productive use.  As such developments within the town centre of Peterhead no longer require to contribute developer obligations. 

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Property Investment Fund

The aim of the Property Investment Fund (PIF) is to bring prominent, redundant, town centre properties back into use through grant support. Groups or businesses who own or wish to invest in property to bring forward new, sustainable uses can view our PROPERTY INVESTMENT FUND DOCUMENT for more information.


There are various rate reductions and rate relief options available for the buildings listed.


Rediscover Peterhead is the ‘Business Improvement District’ in Peterhead town centre.  We are committed to developing the commercial strength of the town centre, increasing footfall by improving the customer experience.  We have installed CCTV cameras, and carrying out deep cleans of pavements and alleys.  Our Seafood Festival attracts thousands of visitors to the town.  We advocate on behalf of local businesses, individually and collectively, on matters of importance to them.  We use our members levy payments to leverage in additional funding for projects and events, in support of our shared business objectives.


One of Aberdeenshire’s main service and employment centres, located within the regeneration priority area. The northern gateway of Energetica, Peterhead represents one of Aberdeenshire’s strategic locations in terms of the energy and oil and gas sectors. It has the potential to develop further as a high quality lifestyle, leisure and global business location. There is demand and opportunities in Peterhead for future development.

The above comments and advice are given strictly without prejudice to the eventual decision of Aberdeenshire Council on any formal planning application. Whilst every effort has been made to provide you with appropriate advice, this cannot be taken as being comprehensive or likely to cover all matters that will be considered in a formal application. It should be appreciated that in addition to carrying out technical consultations, neighbours and other members of the public have a right to make representations on formal applications. Such representations and consultation responses will be fully taken into account when Aberdeenshire Council determines a formal planning application.


If you would like a printed version of the Invest in Peterhead brochure and/or property schedules please get in contact and we can ensure to send you a copy.

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