IIP – Explained

Invest in Peterhead (IIP) is a collaboration of stakeholders made up of:

  • Estate agents (both locally and city centre)
  • Property owners
  • Investors and Developers
  • Architects
  • Business owners
  • Rediscover Peterhead
  • Invest in Aberdeen
  • Aberdeenshire Council

The group have a collective desire to share Peterhead’s town centre investment opportunities. Working collaboratively to promote and reposition Peterhead Town Centre as a place to invest, and act as a catalyst for major perception change.

IIP is a proactive campaign formed to:

  • Be a communication tool to promote Peterhead, its investment and development opportunities, and available properties.
  • Be a catalyst to change perceptions of Peterhead.
  • Create a more diverse town centre that mimics the economic wealth of the periphery.
  • Capture enquiries and to work with interested parties to deliver new business and new investment to Peterhead town centre.
  • Showcase why investing in Peterhead should be considered.

The IIP group started work late 2018. Since then, we have supported the development of several challenging properties within Peterhead town centre and are working closely with new investors for other key buildings.

During this time, we have seen:

  • Reduced vacancy rates within Peterhead town centre.
  • 16 new business open in the town over the last 14 months.

Read more about Peterhead’s recent town centre investment via: https://invest-rediscoverpeterhead.co.uk/peterhead-town-centre-investment/

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors shared their view on how Invest in Peterhead benefits the town of Peterhead:

"Invest in Peterhead has proven to be a great benefit to Peterhead by marketing the Town itself and benefits that the Town offers to a wider audience to occupiers and investors throughout Scotland and the UK. Invest In Peterhead help highlighting the economic benefits of the Town along with further information on any grants or assistance that may be available to these investors or occupier of premises. The results already show that there is demand for the High Street and wider area through recent lettings and sales of commercial premises with demand also being experienced for development opportunities that will bring buildings back to life and further investment into the Town of Peterhead. Working with Invest In Peterhead has resulted in good activity for our clients and we look forward to continuing our working relationships with Invest In Peterhead to achieve results on our client’s behalf and for the good of the Town."

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors, Peterhead Tweet

IIP acts as a communication tool to promote Peterhead as a place to both visit and invest. For the investor:


We’ve developed a set of planning schedules which showcase what each property could become – reducing some of the work for any interested investors. View via: https://invest-rediscoverpeterhead.co.uk/opportunities/


We’ve developed a brochure detailing why investing in Peterhead is worth consideration. View via: https://invest-rediscoverpeterhead.co.uk/opportunities/#brochure


Across our channels we’ve been steadily inspiring future investment within Peterhead’s town centre. This is being achieved through not only highlighting the investment opportunities available, but through showcasing Peterhead’s vibrant economy, and its own local entrepreneurs and their business success stories. Across our channels we also share content to support current and future business owners, including available funding, networking opportunities, and upcoming training sessions and webinars.

IIP continues to look to address the current barriers and challenges facing several of our vacant town centre properties, working together to bring our town centre properties back into use.

We also have a new partner coming onboard to help Invest in Peterhead go further, with more details provided below.

New Partner: Grand Bequest

Grand Bequest is a property technology company using data analytics, conservation, and sustainability to promote the redevelopment of vacant buildings.

Working with Grand Bequest will allow IIP to harness advancing technology, enabling us to:

  • Prioritise buildings for regeneration (based on real-time community feedback).
  • Reduce the need for costly and time-consuming consultations and improve community placemaking strategies.

Are you looking to setup business or expand business?

If so, then the team behind Invest in Peterhead can show you what Peterhead has to offer the investor.

Contact us to arrange your tour, and discover whether Peterhead is the logical choice for you and your business.

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